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Silvertip Transition Rope Halter
with Sliding Ring


The Weaver Leather Transition Rope Halter is what I exclusively use on all of my horses. I was buying and using these halters well before accepting a sponsorship with Weaver, as that is how beneficial I believe they are. This video explains a bit more about them, how they function, and why I use them!

These are the only halters I carry here at my barn, as well as at expos. 


                                                                                                                         Luke Gingerich

Head-in halter designed with a sliding ring that helps prevent horse's head from twisting during lunging to maintain a natural gait. Hand-braided from strong, yet lightweight, 32-strand polyester military parachute cord.
Black o-ring pairs with the black rope halter for a sleek, seamless look.

Hand-tied with pride in the USA.  


CJ Rio Zan Bar Gun owned by Luke Gingerich of  Luke Gingerich Horsemanship

 In this video, Luke shares a short video showing the importance of properly tying your rope halter.


Silvertip Yacht
Braid Lead with Loop

Premium quality lead is for use with our line of Silvertip Rope Halters. Constructed from the finest materials for
rot, mildew and abrasion resistance, this lead is handcrafted from 9/16" nylon double braid yacht rope
 for the perfect combination of durability and flexibility. Features a loop end and a premium leather popper and is a favorite of trainers, clinicians, outfitters, trail riders, working cowboys, and riders from all disciplines.
Handcrafted in Mt. Hope, Ohio. 

What lead ropes does Luke Gingerich use? The Weaver Leather Silvertip Yacht Braid Lead with Loop

 10 ft. - $50.00

12 ft. - $60.00


 In this video, Luke shares how he attaches his Silvertip Yacht Braid Lead Rope to the

Silvertip Transition halters. 

To purchase these products, click  below to contact us with your name, email, order,
and shipping address and we'll be in touch with your total and payment options! 

Thank you!
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