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"Whole Food is  food that has been processed

or refined as little as possible and is free

from additives or other artificial substances"


“Rio and Chloe are on the Original feed, and Zara is on the Wild Forage feed, for a lower starch option similar to the Original, but without the whole oats, since she is such an easy keeper and can easily become overweight. 

All three horses also get the new Restore Mash & Mix product. I like that it can be used as a bran mash, and is a great way to rehydrate and to restore vitamins and minerals lost after exercise, stress or travel. In cold climates, it can be an alternative way to supply water when horses are not drinking enough.

One of the many things I appreciate about Crypto Aero is that, because of its high quality with no fillers, I am able to feed less quantity while maintaining weight and condition, which is helpful for when my horses and I are on the road.

Rio and Chloe also receive the Crypto Aero Plus+ supplement for additional overall support, in particular digestive and gut support when we are on the road.  Zara is a super easy keeper, so she gets the Crypto Metabolism supplement.  All of my horses also get the Crypto Aero Hydration supplement when we are traveling, which does an excellent job of helping to keep them drinking!”


Crypto Wild Forage 3.png
Crypto Wholefood.png

$54.00 - 50 lb. bag

Crypto Wild Forage .png

$48.00 - 40 lb. bag

Crypto Wild Forage 4.png
Crypto Wild Forage 2.PNG
Crypto Wholefood and Wild Forage Feeding Instructions.png

Feeding Instructions
(Wholefood and Wild Forage)


Crypto Restore_edited.jpg
Luke Gingerich Crypto Aero

$41.75 - 40 lb. bag

Crypto Restore 5.png
Crypto Restore 4.png

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