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Handmade treat pouches made exclusively for

Luke Gingerich Horsemanship!

Over the years, I have tried many different styles and types of treat pouches, and have had a really difficult time finding any that met the functionality that I look for in my work.  This is important to me as I start to incorporate clicker training / positive reinforcement into my training when I start to advance past the basic level, and am getting into more refinement and precision.  This allows me to add another level of accuracy, reinforcement, and motivation for my horses.

I often have multiple tools in my hands, so I wanted something that wouldn't take a lot of effort or time to open and get treats out of.  Many pouches I tried either had a difficult, cumbersome closure to use, or didn't have any type of secure closure, which would cause me to lose treats, as I am typically quite active during training sessions.


So I designed these pouches with a strong magnet that is built into the pouch.  This keeps it very secure, yet still allows me to easily pull it open with one hand, get a treat, and let it drop and click back into position all on its own, which I find to be far more efficient than anything else I've tried.


I have found that it is also important to have a pouch that is stable on my side, when I am active on the ground or riding, as this helps to keep my body language and position more balanced while I'm working.  To achieve this, these treat pouches are made with two belt loops that keep the pouch stable from side to side as  I am moving.  The loops are designed and positioned in a way that allows the pouch to hang slightly below the waist, which makes it a little more comfortable and out of the way.


These pouches are made from a rustic and distressed oil tanned leather, which makes them durable, with an incredibly soft feel, while being resistant to water and other elements. Each pouch is handmade and comes with its own set of natural markings within the leather. These natural markings enhance the unique character and rustic look of each pouch. 


They come in two sizes and colors (saddle tan and dark brown).  The small size is a little lighter and typically lasts through one training session for me, but if you are feeding a lot or want it to last through multiple sessions, the large works great for that.  Both sizes are available in both colors.


Small pouches are 4.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep x 6.25 inches tall


Large pouches are 4.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep x 7.5 inches tall


I am really excited to be able to offer what I believe to be an excellent tool for those of you who want to incorporate clicker training and positive reinforcement into your work with your horses.  They have certainly been a game changer for me! 




Flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States - $15.00;

additional fees may apply for multiple treat pouches in the same order and/or international shipping

"I would like you to know that I received my treat pouch and just LOVE IT!!
It is so comfortable to wear and use.
Thank you!"

~ Lisa G.

Whips made exclusively for

Luke Gingerich Horsemanship


Whips are an important tool when learning liberty work with your horse. They are simply an extension of my arms to help me to be more clear, accurate, and precise with the cues that I give my horse. 
Over the years, I have spent a lot of time trying to find whips that have the weight, feel, and flexibility that work best for my liberty program. If they are too stiff and heavy, they are cumbersome to use, and it is very difficult to achieve the energy, softness, and finesse that I strive for with my horses. However, if they are too flexible and floppy, they tend to kick back and jump around in my hand, which creates an unbalanced and inconsistent energy that can be confusing for my horse.
What I was looking for is a balance between these two extremes - a whip that is very light in my hands with a strong, relatively firm core, yet still retaining just the right amount of flex and softness to it while staying very balanced and quiet in my hands.  
I am excited to be able to share that I have partnered with Fleck Whips to produce my new line of whips that encompasses all of these features and more! Fleck has been creating quality handmade whips and crops since 1870, and I am thrilled to be able to use and offer a line of whips of this caliber, at an affordable price point.  

I designed the ends of these whips with specific features in mind. Rather than being stiffly pointed to one direction, which would require the whip to be held at the same angle all of the time to allow the lash to hang correctly, these tips have a soft, flexible braid that allows the lash to hang at any angle, which makes them easier to use. 
The handle of the whip has an ergonomic, formed shape and textured grip to hold my hand securely in place. The end of the handle has a slight flare to keep the whip from sliding through my hand, and the extended length of it allows allows me to choke up on the whip if necessary, while still being able to hold the uniquely shaped, ridged portion of the handle. 
All three whips are black in color, with beautiful red tracers throughout the shaft and lash. This creates a classy, solid black look from a distance, while giving them a distinct texture and flare up close.

Dressage Whip - $55.00

At only 4.8 ounces, and just over 3 1/2 feet long, this 44 inch whip is what I start with in the beginning, when I want to be able to work in close proximity with my horse. I also use this when riding, to transfer my liberty cues from the ground to the saddle.
uke Gingerich Horsemanship Dressage Whip

Carriage Whip - $70.00

uke Gingerich Horsemanship Carriage Whip
Weighing only 6 ounces, and measuring 5 feet long, this whip is perfect for starting to work at greater distances. I designed this whip with a short 6 inch lash, for very precise and refined communication with my horse.

Lunge Whip - $85.00

Weighing only 6.5 ounces, this whip is also 5 feet long, but has an additional 5 foot lash. I can create more energy with this whip by making a whistling sound with the longer lash. This whip is also very easy to crack with minimal effort. This is simply a fun skill to learn and perfect, but is also another cue that I use for things such as calling my horse to me from greater distances.
uke Gingerich Horsemanship Lunge Whip

Flat shipping rate anywhere in the United States - $35.00; 
additional fees may apply for large orders and international shipping
Thank you!

Retractable Target Stick for
R+ / clicker training... 

Retractable Target Stick by Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Retractable Target Sticks by Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Target sticks extend up to five feet for advanced stages when working at greater distances, and retracts down to 1 foot for ease of carrying. This offers excellent flexibility during various stages of training, depending on how far you want to be able to reach with the target. 

Price: $40
Flat shipping rate anywhere in the United States - $15.00; 
additional fees may apply for international shipping

Thank you!
Trucker hats with leather patch by Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Trucker hats with
Leather patch - $30.00 

Black ~ navy ~ red ~ charcoal ~ light grey

Trucker hats with leather patch by Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Luke Gingerich Horsemanship
Ladies V-neck T-shirts
Red with black and white  logo - $25.00 
Grey with red and black logo - $25.00 
LGH Gift Certificates - $25.00 and Up
Luke Gingerich Horsemanship Gift Certifications  come in denominations of $25 and up
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