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Performance Liberty
Luke Gingerich
Online Training Video Libraries

Luke's students are widespread, so he has created coaching resources
that provide online and virtual learning options. The video libraries are a great resource for those who are not able to come to Luke's facility in Ohio for in-person lessons or clinics, or for those who would like additional support in between in-person coaching. 
There are two online training video libraries to choose from; groundwork and ridden work.  

Member Benefits: 

~ Access to Luke's online training video library with step-by step instructional videos ~
~ Live Q and A sessions with Luke Gingerich ~ 
~ Virtual lessons ~
~ Exclusive pricing ($15 discount on a set of LGH whips (one dressage, one carriage, and one lunge whip and a $15 discount on all virtual lessons) ~

Member Options:

Monthly membership - $25.99
Annual membership - $250.00

Performance Liberty With Luke Gingerich -
Ridden Work
We're excited to announce the launch of Luke's newest online training video library with more than 60 videos that focus on on the ridden portion of his program, specifically in regards to bridleless riding. It covers Chloe’s journey in-depth, from her first rides at liberty and foundation work, up to advanced work, including collection/posture training, lateral work, flying lead changes, reining maneuvers, and more. These full length training videos include Luke's commentary explaining the process of how he transfers his liberty work on the ground to ridden work, and then refines and advances it under saddle, particularly in regards to using positive reinforcement/clicker training.

This library also includes videos that show Luke's process for working with a horse at liberty from a ridden horse, and applying his Performance Liberty principles there.

Performance Liberty With Luke Gingerich - Groundwork 
This library has more than 300 step-by-step instructional videos that cover a wide range of topics for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and horses. 

Topics include:

~Building connection, focus, and relaxation~

~Fundamental body control exercises~

~Fun ways to engage with and channel the play drive with your horse~

~Advanced Performance Liberty principles including posture training, collection, and lateral work~

~Introduction to clicker training (R+) and integrating it into the LGH
advanced Performance Liberty principles and program~


Luke's students say it best...

“I question many choices I make, but I have NEVER questioned learning from Luke!

Put in the work and you will get results!"


~ Leah

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