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Many of our clients are located across the United States, so we've created a coaching platform that leverages cutting edge technology to deliver online and virtual educational tools and resources.
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“I first learned of Luke as somebody completely new to Liberty horsemanship. Over the last year,
I have been able to watch several clinics, take virtual and in-person lessons and join his online membership. In each of those learning formats, I have grown significantly in my liberty knowledge due to his excellent clear and detailed instruction. Luke's program puts the physical and mental well- being of the horse above all else, yet still produces exceptionally high level performance and builds an immeasurable bond with the the horse. I would normally be too intimidated to work with someone who is a master of their craft, but Luke has such a humble spirit, positive and encouraging energy, and true love of the horse that he makes the ups and downs of learning a new skill fun.

If you are looking to achieve a deep connection with your horse, liberty skills beyond what you can imagine, and have a lot of fun in the process, Luke is the guy that can show you the way." 

— Andrea