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Luke Gingerich Horsemanship currently offers demos and clinics, both private and public, as well as lessons.

Demos: Includes a freestyle performance, general overview of Luke's program and an opportunity for Q & A. Demos can be combined with clinics.


Clinics: For those who are serious about taking their liberty work and relationship with their horse to the next level, you may be interested in a two-day intensive Luke Gingerich Liberty Horsemanship clinic. Day 1 typically begins with a demo and progresses into the basic maneuvers required to advance throughout he weekend. Participants will also have the opportunity to take their horses off line on Day 2 and begin working at liberty. Please note: this is the format of most clinics; however, if you have a special request please let us know.

Lessons: One hour private and semi-private (two participants) lessons. 


Luke's goal is to educate others to utilize effective communication, establish a solid foundation, and build stronger relationships with their horses. 


Send us an email to schedule a demo, clinic or lesson.

Here's what a few of our

clients had to say...

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Chloe and Annie
Kenna and Trigger
Madison and Hot Shot

"Thank you Luke sincerely for all the help and guidance you've given us. It's amazing to me that this horse

who had some behavior issues when he was given to me a year ago, now runs up to greet me in the pasture,

eager and excited to learn. The benefits of Liberty training are countless!

Gunner and I will forever appreciate the close bond we have because of it."  - Kate

"I had a ton of fun at the clinic..."
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